Big Apple Collectibles Donates $94,000+ In Products To Kids

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Funko Pop To Bring Smiles to Kids Facing Difficult Circumstances

Palm Harbor, FL (February 2021) (February 2021) Big Apple Collectibles, a prominent supplier of. Funko products and collectibles is delight to announce a donation of more than $94,000 worth of products for the. Kids Wish Network. The donation comprises six pallets of the bestselling. Funko Pop collectible toys that will be given to children the charity helps.

Funko Pop collectibles have taken the world by storm thanks to their collectible pop culture vinyl figurines. Children from all over the world who are facing life-threatening illness or abuse, poverty, or homeless or children of military servicemen and women will get toys based on the most famous pop-culture characters. With this gift of more than 6000 toys, children can be able to play with characters of Batman, My Hero Academia and The Disney Haunted Mansion G.I. Joe, Nightmare Before Christmas and more.

“Support from corporate sponsors like Big Apple. Collectibles is critical to granting wishes to children who need a reason to smile again,” said. Tambra Fulk Director of Development and Programs. “Kids Wish Network’s goal is to bring hope to children and happiness, to create lasting memories and enhance living conditions of children who are facing life-altering circumstances. This gift is more than just toys. It’s an opportunity to collaborate with our bigger goal to improve the lives of kids.”

To meet the ongoing needs of children throughout the nation suffering from life-altering obstacles, Kids Wish Network relies on its relationships with the nation’s most renowned makers and retailers. “Our Distribution Department works closely with businesses like Big Apple Collectibles to evaluate their business philosophy, goals, and interests to devise sponsorship opportunities just like this one,” explained Tam Lai, CEO of Kids Wish Network.

“So As part of our responsibility to be good corporate citizens, Big Apple Collectibles is proud to partner with Kids Wish Network’s life-giving initiatives and programs,” stated Paul Ghiron, the CEO and co-founder of the Elmsford, NY, collectibles company. “We are commit to making a lasting impact on the children and families who will receive our products.”

So Research has conducted to determine the role that hope and optimism play in children. Also Suffering from serious illness and life-changing situations. However A study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that children who experienced. So The happiness that comes from fulfilling wishes showed significant reductions in depression, general discontent and anxiety-related symptoms. They also increased health-related quality of life.

About Big Apple Collectibles

So Big Apple Collectibles is based in Elmsford, NY. The company’s collection is one of the top providers of the most extensive selection of mint-condition. Guaranteed Funko items and other collectibles. The BAC’s vast selection of low-cost Funko products provides a means for collectors. To complete their collections with difficult-to-find and unique collectibles from a reputable retailer. Visit

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