black nail designs

black nail designs

After years of detailed nail art, black nail designs the hottest manicure of the season is refreshingly understated.

As makeup looks

As makeup looks are increasingly leaning towards a late 90s cyber Goth aesthetic – see also: the black lipstick trend – it seems nails will follow suit, with deeper and darker shades set to dominate our digits. Kourtney Kardashian, who has really been living out her Goth girl fantasy this year, opted for a glossy black manicure only days ago, which will now be forever immortalized in those engagement snaps from drummer beau Travis Barker‘s loved-up proposal. Black nail designs

Manicurist Kim

As the star’s manicurist Kim Truong revealed on Integra, Kardashian chose The Gel Bottle Inc. ™’s Jet Black shade. Prior to trying on solid black for size, Truong also gave the reality star a micro French manicure with ebony tips in place of the classic ivory shade. Bieber has also been dipping her digits into the black nail design trend, as the model posted a picture to her Integra account recently wearing a similar solid, glassy black hue to Kardashian. black nail designs

Future Mrs. Barker

Also like the future Mrs. Barker, the moody midnight shade provided the perfect neutral backdrop for the impressive diamond sparkler on her ring finger. Even Adele has been almost exclusively wearing the deep black shades during the promotion for her new album. So if you’ve been feeling a little over the excessive nail art of late, why not try mixing it up with a black nail design next time you’re at the salon? black nail designs

It’s good enough

Hey, if it’s good enough for the Kardashian-Barker engagement album Praise be: MAC Cosmetics is back this year giving out free lipsticks for International Lipstick Day (an annual holiday worth celebrating, in our opinion).




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