Chavo del Ocho Why did end?

chavo del ocho

The episode in which. Chavo del Ocho is blame for stealing, is ostracize by everyone , and then leaves for a short period. The episode has affected generations of people. As watching everyone call the thief in his face is a bit difficult to watch. The sequence that follows. El Chavo leaving the vecindad is more painful particularly the moment when. El Chavo looks at his famous barrel and rubs the barrel one final time before he leaves. There is a final scene of him walking through the streets at night, and his camera moving out. For those who love the show it’s the most painful episode. 

The episode is only made more poignant or gruesome by the end: after. El Chavo is clear, the actor is speaking to his friends about the time. He was in the neighborhood in which. He went to a church and after being counsel by a priest he decide to offer prayers to God. Chilindrina and Quico believe that he was praying for the thief’s arrest. found. However, Chavo immediately responds, saying he prayed for his victim’s transformation. The criminal, Sr. Hurtado, listens to this and is happy that he can do a. Heel-Face turn and does not just return the items he took however, he also gives El Chavo a ham sandwich.

Another instance occurs when Profesor Jirafales says to. Don Ramon that he (Profesor Jirafales) really enjoys teaching and truly wants the best for his dumb students. The students hear this and then write on the board: “We all love you sir!”

A double-episode starts with El Chavo sleeping on Don Ramon’s front door, as he was told to have breakfast. And the kid was not willing to “let him run away with it” (it is true you can believe it). The two segments that make up this episode, despite being hilarious. And hilarious, are full of small minutes filled with absolute Tear Jerker.

El Chavo: (Waiting for Chilindrina to deliver the eggs to breakfast.) Why does she take so long? …?

Don Ramon: Calm down. Can’t you hold back hunger for five minutes?

El Chavo: (Soul-crushingly slow.) I’ve held it back for the past eight decades…


Sr. Barriga: (After the eggs for breakfast were ruined.) Do you mean those eggs were used for breakfast at Chavo’s?

Don Ramon: And mine too. For the entire week.

To make matters worse The two-part story is concluded having. El Chavo never getting his breakfast and then sleeping at the door of. Don Ramon in hopes that, the next morning, he’ll get a second chance. The music plays sad background music as well as credits rolling and a set of napkins…

in the Animated Adaptation of the same episode the producers added an extra scene. That gives the story a warm ending. Quico goes away for a short time and returns with a ham supper for. El Chavo.

A good example comes from the episode that is right before it. Beach Episode. In a sequence of events, everyone of the community is sent to Acapulco. At the end of the episode, Chavo remains the sole one left and we’re welcomed by an eerie Background Music. Cue Barriga, the sr. Barriga’s arrival. after told that everyone is going to Acapulco and he decides to follow them. He goes, and, after he’s almost gone. He stops, then changes his direction, and stares at El Chavo sitting in the midst of a vacant neighborhood:

Sr. Barriga: Hey, Chavo… Would you like to visit Acapulco together with me?

El Chavo: (Soul-crushingly hesitant.) M…Me…?

The final scene of the Beach Episode special doubles as heartwarming. There is a touching goodbye song performed by El Chavo himself. “Buenas Noches, Vencidad”note with all the cast gathering around a bonfire as sunset sets. While the song plays, everybody is seen leaving at the end of the show, and after it’s over it is possible to listen to everyone singing goodnight to one another. The sadness is even more intense with many of the actors passing away.

Another comes from a Christmas episode. Senor Barriga provided all the boys an toy truck for gift. In the final moments of the show, Chavo informs Quico about the doorkeeper of the neighbor’s child, who isn’t equipped with toys. He then goes away with the truck, with no any warning. Then, he returns after Don Ramon and Quico were trying to find him, and pondering what he was doing:

El Chavo: (Without the truck.) They will believe that Santa Claus gave it to El Chavo.

Don Ramon: What?

El Chavo: Why, the truck! Didn’t I tell you the fact that I dropped it into the slit in an open window?

Quico: (Surprised.) You donated your toy truck to the child of the doorkeeper?

El Chavo: Well, yes! Didn’t you realize that he’s a petty child? (Cue Don Ramon and Quico staring at the camera) and speechless). …)

In the episode in which the characters are looking through photographs from the past, we get the final exchange Dona Florinda had with her husband. The scene is played quite humorously in which he is talking and using Quico’s mannerisms such as “!Callate, callate que me desesperas! ” The last thing is what he says prior to leaving to go to the grave in his job. And then, you find out that the very last thing he told his wife was screaming at her to put down. You’re feeling like a jackass because you laughed at the scene immediately following that.

It’s not helping that she immediately informs the baby Quico that she’s had the impression that they’ll never get to see him again. As if to show her understanding, Quico leans against his crib to cry as the way he does every time.

A story that never really did occur: It was said that the show’s last episode was one in which El Chavo rescues a child from hit by a vehicle, resulting in his death. The show was never finish since it was not just a tearjerker, as well as the reason viewers were extremely disturbe.

If we look at the novel with the tie-in which is the tie-in novel El Chavo describing how nobody would ever wanted to take him in the Orphanage of Fear, and towards the end of the novel, the child finds Jaimito Mailman’s body in his home after he passed away from old age. He initially doesn’t grasp what has happened, thinking that he’s sleeping. Then he comes to the realization and is naively thinking:

El Chavo El Chavo Sr. Jaimito use to say that he was tire… He can rest and no one is going to disturb him.

Fortunately, the Animated Adaptation ignores that event and Jaimito is still alive and well, sifting through ways to get away from work.

The Valentine’s Episode is heartbreaking, particularly in the scene of revelation that follows: Chilidrina decides to confront Chavo about her card and his confession of her feelings. Chavo however, because of the bizarrely semi-fictional A Midsummer Night’s Night’s Dream plot believed the card came from Paty whom he had given the card to. Chilidrina is clearly upset she blames Paty until she admits Chavo hand him the gift card. 

After she figure out the reason for the incident (with Chavo giving it to Paty who pass it on to Godinez who hand it over to La Popis who then gave it to Nono who they then end up being in a relationship), Chilidrina simply walks off in a state of shock she is convince that Chavo was confuse by her feelings to him due to Paty confiding her feelings to him. It’s even more shocking that Chilindrina does not use her famous Played for Laughs crying style but she walks off crying.

It is a heartwarming moment as Chavo and Chilidrina meet the other after every goes home and laugh at the absurdity of the situation, before running into each other’s arms with Chilidrina crying tears of joy.

It’s a sad emotional tearjerker because of how it sour relationships with Roberto Gomez Bolanos and Maria Antonieta de las Nieves was in 2003, when they fought about the right of La Chilidrina.

It is possible to get emotional when you learn about the relationship with Chespirito as well as Carlos Villagran and Maria Antonieta de las Nieves were strain because of the rights they have over the characters. The tears are less intense after learning that the others on the cast were in good standing with Chespirito and Villagran himself later reconciled with Chespirito’s widow as well as co-cast participant Florinda Meza after Chespirito’s death.

It was the Real Life death of Ramon Valdes in 1988 who was Don Ramon (who was arguably the most well-known character of the show, though the show ended in 1981 when he left). The majority of viewers believe that the show wouldn’t be the identical without his presence.

The same can said regarding the passings of Angelines Fernandez (Dona Clotilde “La Bruja del 71”) as well as Raul “Chato” Padilla (Jaimito El Cartero) Both in 1994. Horacio Gomez Bolanos (Chespirito’s younger brother who was Godinez) in 1999 and Ruben Aguirre (who was Profesor Jirafales) in 2016.

Naturally, the demise of Chespirito himself in 2014 could be the ultimate tearjerker and it could make all the tragic moments in the series even more poignant.

Concerning Nieves She did manage to secure permission to play the role but she chose to end her La Chilindrina due to the fact that she felt that the lengthy legal battle with Chespirito has ruined her reputation. Consequently, the character ended up being All for Nothing.

On the day of Quico’s birthday El Chavo steals some sandwiches and places them in the bag. Then, Quico wishes for no one to be there for his birthday party next year to take all the cake; Dona Florinda (who, is to noted is usually in tune with his son’s Twit moments from the Upper Class) is not happy about this and advises him that it’s best to do the reverse, that is to teach them how to give and share. If Quico is unsure if sharing is difficult and the next scene shows El Chavo offering half of the sandwich for Don Ramon, who in exchange gives El Chavo the opportunity to drink. Despite being poor and plight, El Chavo was quite capable of sharing what was left to those who were in need.

Additionally, In-Universe is a qualifying event each time El Chavo brings up his poverty , or how El Chavo eats very little.

In a scene where Professor Jirafales was grading drawings that his students made, Dona Florinda “chastises” Quico for lying, by giving him not 10 however, nine cookie. The same episode, El Chavo is still at Dona Florinda’s home and wants a treat however, she had to witness her as well as Profesor Jirafales taking the remaining cookies as they discussed the subject of poverty and hunger.

In one of the episodes from the final seasons, Dona Clotilde is seen buying lollipops for children. But Nono is astonish to find himself in the neighborhood and leaves El Chavo without one. He attempts to hide, but he is clearly in need of one. The next time Dona Clotilde appears in the neighborhood and swiftly offers two lollipops to El Chavo, compensating for what transpired earlier. Then Nono is back in the vencidad, with a grumpy face. El Chavo takes a look at the man and asks for an lollipop. Nono and revealing the lollipops he kept inside his pants, offers the same thing, and offers his own lollipop as well. They both smile, and they share a large and lengthy hug. It turns into a tear-jerking moment as the song plays an uplifting soundtrack. Nono begins to cry for the first time in his life.

It was report the actor Edgar Vivar (the actor who performs as Sr. Barriga and Nono) was the final actor in the cast who discovered the latest (by the time of) loss of Ramon Valdes, and clearly was the one who felt his friend’s loss the most seriously.

A particular episode features a flashback to the day that El Chavo came to the neighborhood. In this flashback the character El Chavo appears and is standing in the front of Chilindrina when Don Ramon was ready to snap a picture of her. In a hurry, Don Ramon orders him to move away from the scene (which the man doesn’t grasp) then says:

Don Ramon: Boy, What’s your issue? !

El Chavo: …It’s hunger.

In the show of the school’s first day El Chavo was watching while Dona Florinda told her son to stay with her telling him that on the beginning, students should walk to school together alongside their families. They go off then El Chavo, now all alone, sits and contemplates for a few moments of sadness before heading to school by himself.

In the animated Episode Se Busca (Known as “Want” in the English dub), Chavo is force to leave his home and become an escape criminal to safeguard the dog Willis who had taken away by a more wealthy child as Chavo to protected from the crimes the dog was responsible for, because Quico threatened to take Chavo as well as the animal away. Then, a limo with a sad young man who is Willis the owner, spots Chavo and his dog. Chavo was a close friend of Willis throughout his short period as a fugitive which is why Chavo initially appear to be distress as Willis decides to split up with Chavo and return the owner. Anyone who has cared for someone else’s pet or injured wild animal will understand the way Chavo was feeling.

However, it’sn’t at all depressing as the reward for Willis his safe return is more than enough for Chavo in that instead of cash, Chavo asks for a large number of Ham sandwiches. Also, Quico, whom had then felt terrible about being a rogue for exposing Chavo along with the dog police as the story was going on, was able to get Chavo’s forgiveness. And together, Chavo, Quico, as well as the other children are eating the sandwiches.

In 1981, the entire episode focused on returning Don Ramon. When he encounters La Chilindrina, they smooch one another, with La Chilindrina forced to remove her glasses. Maria Antonieta de Las Nieves’s performance in this scene appears as if that she broke character. She responded in response to Ramon Valdez’s appearance on the show, instead of the character he played.

The reason is because of a dispute over rights between Televisa and the family of Chespirito the show was not broadcast globally since July 31st the year 2020. Naturally, many fans around the globe are shock and disappointed by this. The only thing to know is the outcome of this decision if it is rescinded in the near future…

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