ken jam

ken jam

With a trash can?

That’s right! In the mid ‘90s, Charles Saundra and Paul Swisher invented a Frisbee game. ken jam Instead of the cans that we play with now, in those days, they played with metal rubbish bins and with simple rules. The guys liked their idea so much that they wanted to have it patented.

But was the game unique enough to do that?

They did not know that they had to distinguish themselves. The game as it was originally played was further developed. They devised the opening in the rubbish bins, which provide to be a brilliant idea. It made the game unique. The game was patented, after which Charles and Paul ran into the next problem. The metal rubbish bins were very heavy to transport. This meant that it was back to the drawing board for the inventors. Ken jam

The History of Ken Jam

Ken Jam was the brainchild of Charles Saundra and Paul Swisher, who developed it in Buffalo, New York. The “Garbage Can Frisbee” was invented by four men from Tonawanda, New York, at the end of the 1970s. Today it is being played all around the world.

The game started

The game started with just friends and a trash can. Charles, Paul, their friends (the originators) knew about it through this mutual connection but never expected anything like this! The original game involves throwing Disc into trash cans, unlike the ones that are used right now. Charles and Paul liked this idea so much they wanted to turn it into a real-life version and get their patent on the fantastic new game!

One of the most challenging

One of the most challenging parts about patenting this invention was figuring out whether it qualified as unique or not. Having a slot for an “instant win” feature in the trash can made everything easy, though, and thus they were able to get their idea patented! Ken jam

After getting the patent

After getting the patent, they started selling their Ken Jam kits in 2005. They made a point to sell it at local North Tonawanda schools where science teacher Paul Swisher would be able to see firsthand how much of an impact this game could have on students’ physical education classes, and that’s precisely what he did!


Ventures! Wild Sports bought ken Jam in 2018. Meanwhile, Rubin and Schisandra retain their roles as business leaders and would continue to advance the enterprise into the foreseeable future. Ken jam


What Ken Jam Is, And What It’s Made Out Of

The main objective of Ken Jam is to work in teams and throw a Disk known as a Ken Jam disk into a specially designed can with the help of your teammate. The team that scores 21 points first after an equal number of throws wins.

American-born game Ken Jam

American-born game Ken Jam is an excellent example of American manufacturing. Plastic, specifically polypropylene, is used for making the disks, and linoleum is used for the cans. It is, in fact, produced at a better and cheaper price in the US than outsourcing it to China. An Jam is currently sold in the US and across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and 23 different countries in Europe. Ken Jam established its reputation on the strength of its many independent shops and its retail presence.


How To Play The Game?

It has no specific rule book as Ken Jam is a straightforward sport. It is easy to learn and understand but tough to master. There are many different versions of Ken Jam with their takes on the original game. But there are some Universal rules for Ken Jamming Ken Jam, each team will take a turn throwing the disk. One of you will act as the thrower tossing the disk at the can, while the deflector will try and assist the thrower by deflecting it into the can—the first team to score 21 points after an equal number of throws wins.

Teams in Ken Jam

There are usually two teams in Ken Jam. The mini and splash versions of Ken Jam do allow you to play one-on-one against each other. The thrower and the catcher switch roles after throwing the disk. Once a team finishes both functions, the opposing team turns and attempts to score a point and change positions after their throw.


Since we know the primary approach of how to play, let us look at the point system for Ken Jam. In Ken Jam, you can score points in increments of 1, 2, 3 or score an instant win. I discussed the point system in detail below:

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