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The ASOS Brands.

livechat asos


We don’t do fashion like anyone else does fashion.livechat asos  Our ASOS Brands, created by our London design team, look between the lines to bring you the freshest clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts. When it comes to our curation of brands at ASOS, we select the best of those to give you the biggest variety, amazing exclusives and coolest chat asos  And in case that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a range of first-rate Face + Body products you can express yourself with, too. There are no rules – just endless ways to be you.


Giving you the confidence to express your individuality, ASOS DESIGN interprets major trends, adding that next-level ASOS spin. Representing in our size ranges (ASOS Curve, Tall, Petite and Maternity), we’ve got all the stuff you need to invent a style that’s all yours… making every day, night and everything in-between as extraordinary as you are.


ASOS EDITION is designed for the most memorable moments of your life so you can turn up and stand out in occasionwear that’s as unique as you.livechat asos  In our size ranges and including our beautiful ASOS EDITION Wedding Collection, we’ll have you dancing before the party’s even begun


Backing oversized fits with a minimal, clean aesthetic, ASOS WHITE is here to elevate your every day. Believing investment pieces don’t have to compromise on individuality, it creates understated staples with a modern twist that you’ll be proud to wear – not to mention look damn cool in.


No longer a choice between conscience and self-expression, we believe fashion has the power to build futures. That’s why our exclusive ASOS MADE IN KENYA collection works with SOKO Kenya to improve the lives of local communities by offering skills and support to drive sustainable development. Does good, looks good.ASOS 4505Our new activewear brand offers pieces for all your adventures. Whether you’re running or raving, ASOS 4505 has the very best kit to ensure your playtime has serious style and personality. It’s our movement for movement (and you’re all invited)


ASOS is trialling a new service called ‘Personal Stylist Chat’, which fits with the brand and offers fashion advice rather than dealing with general customer care enquiries.livechat asos

I bought a teal dress from ASOS for my girlfriend the other day, so asked the advisor if he could help me to find shoes to match.

There was a slight problem at first as he asked for a link to the dress, but when I navigated to my account information I lost the chat window.

However, when I reopened live chat on the homepage I was reconnected to the same advisor, though I’m not sure whether that was by accident or design.

Nonetheless, he then asked several questions relating to the style she likes, her shoe size and my budget.

The advisor then posted links to several types of shoes based on my feedback. Each time you click a link it opens a new tab in your browser, but the chat window remains open in each one.livechat asos

At first I found it annoying, but it’s actually helpful for comparing the different product options.

Overall this seems like a really good use of live chat as it comes close to replicating the in-store experience, and I can imagine it would be particularly useful when shopping for gifts.

There is one UX issue with it however, as it doesn’t automatically scroll down to show new messages. This means you have to manually scroll down each time the advisor responds, which meant that I occasionally missed his messages.

livechat asos

In conclusion…

Live chat is still a relatively underused feature in ecommerce, highlighted by the fact that all three sites asked me to fill in a feedback form.

However all three were extremely helpful and promptly answered my queries, even though they were relatively simple.livechat asos

The main barrier to implementing live chat is presumably a lack of available resource, but if a business is already operating a call centre then it’s definitely an option they should consider.

Sky previously told us that live chat improved its conversion rates as well as the customer experience, however I think the best use of it is actually a mix between the approaches adopted by Schuh and ASOS.

Allowing the customer to see the person they are talking to is a great way of improving the experience, as it confirms to the customer that they are talking to a real person and makes it feel like a more natural conversation.But I also like the way ASOS uses live chat to provide advice from a stylist rather than to answer general queries, as it provides an element of personalisation that has been largely absent from ecommerce.livechat asos Overall, I think if a brand has the budget then live chat is an excellent way of providing the sort of personalised experience that could make them stand out above the competition.

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