Navigate To Work: How To check traffic To Work Or Home

navigate to work

Navigate To Work: Make sure you check the traffic before going for your commute to work or home! Wow, does that not sound amazing?

It’s a good bet. Google Maps has made our lives so much simpler than ever before. Google Maps allows you to monitor the traffic between your home and your work place or reverse the process using your smartphone.

This guide will walk you step-by-step how to efficiently use Google Maps. Google maps app to check the traffic at your office or home with either an Android phone or desktop PC.

Step-by-Step instructions for checking the traffic for home or work using Google Maps

You can check the traffic around you using your desktop using Google maps

Open your desktop browser and then open Google maps.

In the upper left corner click on the Search Google Maps field, and type in the word Work. If you’ve not set up your work place before using Google Maps, then you’ll be required to create it.

search Google map bar and type in the word Work

3. Input your address for work in the box that pops up in Google Maps and click SAVE.

Enter work address

4. In the upper left corner, go to the Search google Maps area and type in Home. If you’ve never created your Home address before using google maps, it will be asked to create it.

5. Enter the home address in the Edit home address box which appears and then save.

Enter home address

6. To verify traffic on Google Maps, simply click on the menu ( three horizontal lines adjacent to Google Maps search ) and then tap for it to launch.

Open menu by tapping it. google maps.

7. From the menu, select traffic. Google maps will appear with red and green lines along the streets.

The color-coded traffic marks on the streets on Google Maps show the following:

“Green” means light traffic.

Orange means moderate traffic.

Red = Congested.

How do I check the the traffic for work or home on Android

To monitor traffic on your way to work or home with google maps, follow these steps below:

On your Android phone, go into your phone’s Google Maps App and open it.

The top left corner, click the menu bar, then tap it.

3. In the Google search field where you type in the word “work” and a pop-up window will show up asking you to input the address of your workplace. If you have established your workplace using Google Maps, continue below.

4. In the Google search field you can type in the word Home. A window will open asking you to enter your home’s address. If you’ve established your home address in Google Maps, you can continue to use the present place

5. To see the traffic on the various roads around your area with Google Maps Android and navigate to menu and tap on traffic. You’ll be able to see a map similar to the one below.

6. To see the traffic situation along your route to work, click to navigate ( symbol of man in the bottom of the right-hand corner ).

7. The next step is to select your home as the beginning point and choose your destination. Then, select the your option you prefer to walk or drive to see your route.

8. Google Maps will draw you directions and your routes on the map with real-time traffic.

Some areas of the street will now have an orange color that indicates the level of traffic on them.

“Green” means light traffic.

Orange means moderate traffic.

Red = Congested

Navigate To Work

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