new games that are coming out

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New games that are coming out

As we approach the latter months of the year, there are still so many new games for 2022 and beyond to look forward games that are coming out  With a host of summer showcases confirming an exciting future line-up in the near and distant future, Gamescom also saw some announcements that have made this list grow all the more. While some that have pushed some titles into 2023, there’s certainly plenty on the way in the months to come.

This roundup of new games for 2022 brings together the most exciting future releases coming to a variety of platforms, including previous-gen consoles. All helpfully put in release date order, you can also find a guide to if you’re after a more comprehensive list of everything on the horizon.

And if you’re looking for a specific platform, be sure to head on over to our life

Moonbreaker is a new digital miniature strategy RPG from the same studio that brought us Subnautica. Revealed during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022, Moonbreaker is said to draw inspiration from the likes of Warhammer and Hearthstone, with an early access launch set for this September that promises to bring new seasons of content over with multiple units and other additions over four months.

First revealed back at BlizzCon 2019, multiplayer team-based first-person shooteris set to focus more on storytelling over its forerunner by virtue of its new Story Missions. As revealed during its segment at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase at  Overwatch will launch free-to-play as an early access title on October 4, 2022. And, as you might expect, will do so with some new heroes. Junker Queen is one such debutant – a long-teased, much-anticipated combatant who wields a shotgun as their primary weapon, and a hulking two-handed axe for good measure as their secondary.

From the team that brought us Friday the 13th: The Game comes Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. It’s another asymmetric multiplayer title, where four players team up to play as the titular Ghostbusters, and then one other player becomes a variety of ghosts. With levels set up across different locales like libraries and hotels, the Ghostbusters must work to hunt down and trap the ghosts, while the ghost player must us all the spirity powers in their arsenal to slow them down and then escape – and yes that includes slime.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is the surprise sequel to the original A Plague Tale: Innocence that released in 2019. You’ll be following the same two heroes, Amicia and her younger brother Hugo, who will have to do whatever it takes to survive in the game’s brutal world. Rats will still be a huge problem, but there is more here than just a literal sea of rats to be worried about.

New Tales from the Borderlands is a new story-driven experience that will follow in the footsteps of Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands. With Gearbox developing the adventure this time around, we’re set to follow three new characters, which were introduced during a trailer at Gamescom Opening Night Live. The three playable protagonists Anu, Octovio, and Fran are set to head off on a thrilling adventure that will be shaped by the choices you make, with plenty of guns and mayhem.

With an art style heavily influenced by Alien’s H.R. Geiger, Scorn is a horror shooter with an obsession with everything boney, fleshy, and internal organ… y. Guns look like they’re made from gristle and meaty offcuts, so it’s certainly not for the squeamish. Figuring out exactly what’s going on here is part of the appeal, or gross charm, of Scorn, as you’ll be exploring, fighting and solving puzzles to understand the state of things. Prepare yourself.

WB Games Montreal is working on a brand new Batman game, but there’s a catch – Batman’s been killed. The  are taking over the protection of what the studio is calling the “most dynamic and interactive Gotham City yet”, with unique abilities and skill trees available for each of the four Knights – Red Hood, Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl. It’s a drop-in, drop-out co-op affair, with an open-world action-adventure gameplay style. Expect to see plenty of DC villains try to take control of Gotham in Batman’s absence, meaning the Gotham Knights have definitely got their hands full. But, with combat looking very Batman: Arkham-esque, you’ll have plenty of tricks up your batsleeves.

During the June Nintendo Direct Mini, Square Enix announced a new life sim RPG complete with farming, fishing, dungeons, and games that are coming out  In Harvestella, you can go about your daily life however you wish, getting to know the locals, exploring the setting of Lethe, and tending to your crops. But as time passes and the seasons change, you’ll have to prepare yourself for a dangerous season known as Quietus. During this time, it’s said that plants will wither away and people can’t go outside because of the emergence of deadly dust.

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