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proven skincare

Proven Skincare Review. Are you fed up of having to read ingredient labels, comparing products claims, and enduring expensive trial and error with your skincare products? Proven Skincare is a brand which solves these issues through their customized skincare products that have been developed by using AI technology. Instead of focusing on reading ingredients on labels and comparing different brands, Proven Skincare asks you to trust their ingredient choices that have been verified to be effective for your particular skin.

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While these products are claimed to have been “proven” to work for you, it is still necessary to look at their Proven Skincare formulations and look at the research that backs (or does not confirm) the ingredients you’ll find in these formulations. This is exactly that’s what we’ll discuss during this overview. We’ll also provide Proven Skincare reviews so you will get a clearer idea of what the customers consider about these products.

What is Proven Skincare?

Proven Skincare was found in November of 2018 by the the founder and CEO Ming Zhao, along with computational physicist and data scientist Co-Founder Amy Yuan. Both women have struggled through the years trying to locate the right skin treatment products that would address their skin issues and restore youthful skin. To address their own skin problems they came up with AI, an artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, which is now refer to by the name of The Skin Genome Project.

The Skin Genome Project is the most extensive collection of ingredients proven to effective clinically for skin care that has ever create. It employs computer science to study the efficacy of more than 20,238 ingredients in skincare. It also analyzes more than 100,000 skincare products, eight million testimonials, as well as reviews from more than the 4,000 journal articles published by scientists.

The Skin Genome Project was the winner of the MIT’s 2018 Artificial Intelligence Award. AI beauty technology is revolutionizing the beauty industry as well as the world of skincare. Instead of relying on the “one-size-fits-all” approach and formulating products to use by all people, AI beauty technology has the capability of creating customized cosmetics and skin care products that cater to each person’s particular demands. This ultimately leads to superior results in a short duration.

What Are The Proven Skincare Products?

The Proven Skincare System consists of three components:

A custom cleanser

Customized SPF day cream

Customized night cream

Every item in the Proven Skincare System is intend to be last 2 months. After the two-month period, Proven considers any lifestyle changes (i.e. changes in seasons, geographical changes and pregnancy.). The system also takes into account different ingredients the skin may be preparing for, like the addition of more retinol to your regimen. The Proven Skincare regimen is straightforward, yet takes account the individual’s specific skin type and needs.

What Are The Key Proven Skincare Ingredients?

All Proven Skincare formulations have proven to be completely safe and non-toxic, produced by an FDA accredited US laboratory. The formulations are free of phthalates, Parabens SLS as well as formaldehyde and palm oils.

There aren’t any “key ingredients” with Proven Skincare because the formulas were design for you based on your responses to the company’s skin analysis. The assessment of your skin takes around 10 minutes and is comprise of detail questions that get to the core of the skin problems you are experiencing. The test matches your genetics as well as your ethnicity, lifestyle, climate, and your goals with the formulations and ingredients that are likely to perform at any time.

Once your answers to the skin test will analyze by the Skin Genome Project database, you’ll be given Proven’s customize skincare regimen. Proven products are develope in conjunction and with Dr. Hollmig, Head of Aesthetic Dermatology at Stanford University with active ingredients that are tailor to your skin.

The components in Proven products are formulate to address a range of environmental issues, like pollution to the environment (i.e. industrial output and smog) and the level of water hardness, high altitude cabin air pollution from flights and “digital pollution” that comes from blue light that is emit by devices like your phone and your computer.

As per Proven Skincare the most effective 10 “proven-to-work” skin care ingredients include:

Hyaluronic Acid

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)



Argan Oil

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Niacinamide (vitamin B3)

Green Tea

Algae Extracts

Fortunately, the company is on the right side of the ingredients that have been proven to be effective. Each of these ingredients has been studied to confirm their benefits to skin care.

For instance, a paper published in Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology says that niacinamide has many benefits for the skin, including reduction of blotchiness and inflammation hyperpigmentation, acne and wrinkles.

Retinol is another example which is thought to the most effective ingredient for anti-aging skin care. According to a study published within the Journal Clinical Interventions in Aging, it is able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as well as enhance uneven skin tones, improve skin firmnessand reduce the appearance of pores that are larger.

While there are certain scientifically proven ingredients in these items but we should examine these test Skincare reviews to learn about what people’s experiences have when applying these items. Continue reading to see Proven Skincare reviews from real customers!

How to Use the Proven Skincare Routine

The Proven Skincare regimen is easy to follow: cleanse and moisturize. If you suffer from acne-prone as well as oily or greasy skin, the company suggests cleansing at least twice per day (once each morning, and at night).

But, for people with normal dry, combination, or normal skin, they suggest cleansing your face only at night to cleanse your face of makeup, dirt, and other impurities. The reason for this is that facial cleanser can remove your face of the natural oils it produces and can cause irritation and dryness.

With your Proven cleanser apply 1 to 2 pumps onto damp skin. allow the product to rest for 60-90 minutes before washing (for people who use makeup products, the company recommends using a specific makeup remover to achieve the most effective results). After cleansing, you can follow it up with the Proven day moisturizer, or your Proven night moisturizing product, based on the time of the your day.

Where is Proven Skincare Sold?

Proven Skincare can only purchase on Proven’s website as you have to take. Proven’s skin assessment to get the best formulation suggestions for you.

How Much Does Proven Skincare Cost?

The Proven Skincare Systemcomprised of cleansing cream, the day cream and night cream costs $145 with no subscription. But, you will receive 35% on the total cost of the items when you sign up, which makes Proven Skincare a bargain. Proven Skincare cost $119 for three items.

What is The Proven Skincare Return Policy?

The Proven Skincare return policy reads. “We want you to enjoy your Proven Skincare product and also the results you can see on your skin. The night Cream as well as SPF Day. Cream are eligible to be reformulate within 28 days from the date of the date of purchase. Since our products are custom-made to your skin, refunds are not allow currently.”

Is Proven Skincare Cruelty Free?

Products from Proven Skincare are percent cruelty-free. The company does not test their products or their ingredients on animals as their suppliers, nor any third-party suppliers. They also do not sell their products if animal testing is legally require.

Proven Skincare Reviews

Its Proven Skincare reviews on the website of the company are mostly 4 five-star and 4 star reviews. A majority of Proven Skincare reviews include positive reviews of the cleanser, which claim that it is soft and soft, which effectively removes make-up, and improves skin’s texture.

A number of reviews have also noted that several reviews also mention that the Proven Skincare system delivers better results than other product for skin care. Customers also love the fact that the formulations of the product can adapt to their skin’s changing requirements.

One reviewer says, “I like how Proven feels on my skin, and the fact that it’s formulate specifically for me, according to my issues as well as my age and climate. The moisturizer for the day feels lightweight, not heavy as well as its SPF 40 is a great value. The night cream isn’t too heavy on my skin and works quite well despite having more thicker in consistency. My skin is sensitive when I try new or different products, but it’s not the case with these. So far , I am loving the product.”

These bad Proven Skincare reviews are mostly related to the customer support. Many customers have reported that it was difficult to end your Proven Skincare subscription.

One reviewer says, “I would give this zero stars If I could. I bought it in January but wasn’t certain whether I would like the product, which is why I canceled my subscription. I received a new product (May 24) however, I did not purchase however, and the company isn’t going to return my payment (company doesn’t offer refunds or accept returns) since they claimed I had signed up for an eight-weekly system. If I was sign to receive a system each 8 weeks, why did I not receive the order I requested in March? I’ll explain it was because I had suspended my subscription. Even if I liked this product (I do not) I will never purchase it again due to these unprofessional business methods.”

Looking through reviews on Proven Skincare reviews on We noticed there is a majority reviews are extremely positive. The brand has earned an average score in the range of 4.7 five stars based on more than 2,500 reviews from customers.

There are many favorable Proven Skincare reviews from customers who are not just happy with the products. However they also love the company’s customer service. For instance, one review states, “I have rosacea and extremely sensitive skin. I don’t often try new products since they usually cause my skin to get worse. Proven has design to suit the needs of your skin and I’ve been delight with the results. I also enjoy working with Proven’s team. They offer amazing customer service.”

Although there aren’t many bad Test Skincare reviews, the ones we read did come from people who weren’t happy with. The sunscreen contain in these products since it left a white mark over the face.

One example states, “I tried to cancel my second purchase, but failed. I was hoping to love these productsbut the cleanser gives my skin. An oily feel while the SPF moisturizer creates a white-tinted look across my skin. I am extremely disappoint by these products.”

Our Verdict

We think that Proven Skincare may a good choice to consider. If you’re tire of trying various skincare brands but having difficult finding the right products for you. Based on Proven Skincare reviews and the results, it seems that these products are suitable for a majority of people.


A lot of positive Proven Skincare reviews

Specific formulations tailored to your individual requirements

Ingredients based on evidence


High cost

There is no way to control what ingredients you put into your products

What Are Some Alternatives to Proven Skincare?

It’s amazing to see that Proven Skincare has used artificial intelligence. To build an extensive list of ingredients with proven efficacy to treat skin.

Maybe you’re a knowledgeable consumer and know what ingredients you’d like apply to your skin, like retinol, peptides or retinol.

If you complete the Proven Skincare quiz and your products do not have either peptides or retinols. You may be disappoint. Perhaps you are really enjoying applying facial oils and serums but they aren’t available as part of Proven Skincare. Proven Skincare system.

For those who like simple skincare, look into Deep Science. Deep Science products are formulate using a handful of key ingredients that act as the main lifters in skincare formulations.

We’d like to suggest an alternative for you to think about Formulyst.

One product from. Formulyst that combats the signs of aging in a variety of ways includes one of the products that fights aging is. Anti-Aging Night Cream with Retinol. Instead of using the standard Retinol, this formula has an innovative technology called. Encapsulated Retinol Technology in order to provide a greater amount of retinol to the skin for a dramatic renewal.

Another brand that combines the power of plants and the latest research can found in Carrot & Stick. In addition to being Carrot & Stick good for your skin, but it’s beneficial for the environment because the formulas. Do not contain harmful chemicals that are commonly use in products for skin care.

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