Summer Wells disappearance: Father pens letter to ‘kidnappers’

summer wells

Summer Wells vanishing: Father pens letter to ‘kidnappers’HAWKINS Region, Tenn. – The dad of Summer Moon-Utah Wells, the little kid who has been absent from her upper east Tennessee home for over 13 months, has written a letter to “to the individual, or people mindful.”


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summer wells
After over seven days of dynamic ventures, policing to confine and focus on their inquiries. Agents have gone through hours addressing close by inhabitants and looking through properties.

SUMMER WELLS Vanishing: After one year


The letter peruses: The public faults us.  No one will enlist my significant other, and I’ve been terminated from a task I’ve had for a considerable length of time. We might wind up losing everything.

“At the point when you took our daughter, you took our actual lives.

“How about you give our daughter back before God’s anger dives on you?

“You’ve broken numerous hearts from there, the sky is the limit, particularly an honest 5-year-old young lady’s heart. At some point, God will consider you responsible for this wrongdoing except if you effectively make this right.

“Kindly, make the best choice, and give our little girl to the specialists. We’re imploring you with our entire being. Kindly, make the best choice.”

Why is Wear Wells in prison?

Only 55 days after the fact, Summer would vanish.

It was 137 days after the fact, on Oct. 30, her dad, Wear, Family said his sentence will be reevaluated in 30 days and ought to be out in 90 days or less.

Around twelve offices lead a quest for Summer Wells in upper east Tennessee over five months after her vanishing on Nov. 30, 2021. (Tennessee Agency of Examination)

Summer Wells search ‘a lot of dynamic and continuous’

summer wells

On the one-year commemoration of Summer Wells vanishing, Hawkins Province Sheriff Ronnie Lawson and Tennessee Department of Examination representative Leslie Earhart held a public interview. They thought about the beginning of the case.

Earhart said the day after Summer vanished, the TBI gave a Golden Caution. She said specialists had expected to have uplifting news in something like 24 hours of that caution.

“All things being equal, many days finished in dissatisfaction and frustration,” said Earhart.


In excess of 100 TBI specialists, examiners, and specialists have looked over advanced proof, actual proof acquired through court orders, and web-based entertainment accounts.

In excess of 170 conventional meetings have been led with endless subsequent calls and messages.

She said some have even been requesting gifts for herself and the family that have never contacted them.


Earhart said she realizes there are a significant number of individuals the nation over who care profoundly about Summer and her vanishing, yet ask individuals not to bring in that frame of mind on YouTube recordings or virtual entertainment hypothesis.

“Nobody needs answers more than we do,” she said.


“It’s shocking to me, my policemen and the local area,” he said. “We’ve won’t ever stop.”

The sheriff said he will keep on circling back to every single noteworthy lead and direct designated look where suitable, all to track down Summer.

“We’ve never halted we’ve won’t ever dial back. We manage it regular,” he said. “We haven’t halted.”
The sheriff said they have not precluded a stroll off, snatching, or other foul means in association with her vanishing.


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