Vapor Shark What does a do?

vapor shark

The Vapor Shark cleans areas as large as 10,000 cubic feet (the device is designed to accommodate five membranes each of which can treat up to 10,000 sq. feet) to eliminate the odor quickly and safely. So The main purpose of the unit is to deliver an efficient, high-intensity treatment using Vaportek’s unique essential oil membranes that can withstand spills to release a non-toxic, dry vapor that neutralizes odors into the air.

So The penetrating gas quickly eliminates and eliminates odors caused by humidity, smoke, biological odors, and food. Based on the proven technology that was originally designed to be used in medical facilities, the VaporSHARK establishes the standard for treatment of the atmosphere as well as its structure and contents simultaneously.

Vaportek products have proved to be extremely effective in projects to restore fire and flood. Vaportek is a Vaportek compound neutralizes the impregnation of smoke odor, and unlike ozone generatorsit is not harmful to fibrous materials. In addition, buildings with smoke pollution may be occupied when using the Vaportek system is in operation.

So Vaportek’s chemical acts as an anti-odorizer (not the same as a masking ingredient). Also It alters the olfactory character of odors that are undesirable to the degree of dissolving the odor. When two components of different concentrations mix and the resulting smell may be less intense than that of the separate components, and may not be noticeable. So This is the premise behind neutralization or modification of odor and is the foundation for Vaportek’s odor neutralizing products.

Proven Safety

Vaportek Products address crucial security issues that are prevalent in today’s marketplace:

Do not contain any alcohol additions or distillates of petroleum.

The products are CFC-free and will not deplete the ozone layer.

Membranes are leak-proof and are designed to minimize waste production

Vaportek is a compound that has been designed to be non-toxic. Vaportek compound is safe by design, and it contains only natural components.

The products do not create Ozone and are not affect by ozone regulations.

Do not contain any inert components, and are VOC certified.

Proven Product Utilizes

Vaportek Odor control devices have proved effective for millions of applications that include:

  1. Recovery and restoration of disasters (smoke as well as water damages)
  2. Janitorial
  3. HVAC
  4. Hotels and Hospitality
  5. Animal and veterinarian
  6. Medical and long-term care
  7. Home
  8. Marine and auto



The VaporSHARK is design to use when quick results are require. It should placed on a solid level, solid area in a fairly high position. The unit can placed as a freestanding structure or permanently attached in air handling system.

To begin treatment, open the air inlet by a half inch. After about 10 minutes, you can adjust the air inlet according to the need to either decrease the vapor output (close to) or to increase the output of vapor (open more).

If the unit isn’t use, the membrane’s life could extended by closing the air intake opening as well as the entrance door to the front.

To speed up the dissipation process of the distinctive Vaportek scent, air it out by opening the windows and then turning on the floor fans.

Deodorization can take just 15-60 minutes in the case of light contamination.

If the infection is more severe the treatment could take several hours or even days.

If required you need to move the unit different locations.

Like any other electrical device don’t place it or use it near water. To get the best results, keep membranes in a dry, cool area and away from extreme temperatures. Dry vapor output is affect by airflow, humidity and temperature. Dry vapor release is optimal between 50 and 80degF. Vapor release is significantly increase when temperatures exceed 90degF.

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