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The number of best  games keeps growing, not just due to new releases but also a large swathe of cross-generation and backwards compatible titles.

And with the power the Xbox Series X offers, even older games can look and run a lot better, especially with the likes of Quick Resume for letting you easily swap between games.

However, a word of warning, some games will chew through SSD space. So you might want to consider getting an external SSD to store some older games on of the official Seagate Expansion Card. You can also check ourstory to see how the two libraries stack up.

After two previous Halo games that were a tad lackluster, comes soaring back to success… literally thanks to the new grappling hook that lets you swing across chasms and scale cliffs with ease.

Seemingly taking the original game’s Silent Cartographer mission and running with it, Halo Infinite is a semi-open-world game where you can tackle a variety of mission and tasks in any order you like and in a manner of ways such as sniping down enemies from afar of charging in with a huge Scorpion tank.  Some more variation in environments and a tighter story would be apricated. But in terms of pure Halo fun and actions, Halo Infinite is a storming success and a must-have for anyone who wants an excellent first-person shooter on the Xbox Series X.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest entry in Ubisoft’s long-running historical action/stealth series. This time around, you’ll take control of Eivor: a Viking warrior, who must establish a new home for his clan in the wilds of medieval England. All of the usual Assassin’s Creed activities are here – scouring the countryside for quests and treasure, hunting down Templar agents, building up your arsenal of stealth and combat tools, and so forth. But this time around, you’ll also build a settlement, travel in a longship and raid monasteries, as any good Viking should.

On Xbox Series X, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla loads quickly and aims for a steady 4K/60 frames per second performance. Not only is the game gorgeous, but it runs seamlessly, and never makes you wait long to jump back into the action, whether you’re fast-traveling across the map or retrying a difficult combat encounter.

Following in the footsteps, or tyre marks, of has pretty much perfected the open-world driving and racing formula of the series. Now set in Mexico and making use of the Xbox Series X’s power, the game not only looks extraordinary, it plays like a dream.

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There’s huge amount of content to get through, across variety of Mexican environments and locals. And car handling works better than ever, offering a dose of realism without being too po-faced about it. For lovers of cars or people who don’t care about them, Forza Horizon 5 is still very much a top Xbox Series X game you really should try out.

It could be argued that when Gears of War 4 came out, the Gears franchise was running out of a bit of steam, at least on the single-player side. But 5 is a triumphant return to form for the series. Naturally, it comes with flashy cutscenes full of the bombast one expects from a Gears game. But it also dips its toes into the realms of horror, teasing out a creeping dread between bouts of frenetic action. The fundamentals of a Gears game are still present, with the satisfaction of nailing a quick reload still tickling the action game glands.

Gears 5 is also a very pretty game, as in “bite-the-back-of-your-hand” pretty. The extra power of the Series X ramps up the texture and shadow details, as well as adding a form of “lite” ray tracing. Running at 4K with a pretty stable 60 fps is basically the only way to play Gears 5.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to fill the boots of a semi-cartoon pirate sailing the open seas with four fellow shipmates, plundering islands and sinking other ships just for the sheer joy of it? If the answer is yes, then Rare’s Sea of Thieves is the game for you.

What started out as a bit of a thin experience on the Xbox One and PC has matured into a much deeper game full of secrets, including a gigantic kraken to take on. The optimized version for the Xbox Series X will run at 4K and a smooth 60 fps, making the whole experience plain sailing on Microsoft’s new flagship games console.

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